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The FALCON represents success, victory and rising above a situation. It is symbolic of the rising sun in Egypt. It is also the king of the birds. Other characteristics ascribed to FALCON are vision. ambition, willpower, mental acuity, foresight, fortitude, purpose and who offers protection especially during traditional period in life.

We at VELAVAN VIDYALAYA endeavour in unveiling our students hopes, dreams and goals. We thrive to make them excel in their unique positive aspiration.

It is our mission to utilize our vast experience and knowledge in enabling our students to acquire their aspirations, overcoming any hardship that life may throw at them, with ease.

It is our aim that our students accomplish and shine is such a way that they inspire others to Aspire and Acquire

Why Choose The Velavan Vidyalaya?


We the management have put a herculean effort in encompassing all that is required for the betterment of our students, be it in, infrastructure, curriculum, playground or extracurricular activities.

We want our students to experience the joy of coming to school.We intend to achieve it without making any compromise on their studies or talents. We have assimilated curriculum and activities so that they will have happy learning.

Our infrastructure is world class,we have planned it in ,such a way that our students will have large spacious classrooms, and of course given the current scenario will be able to maintain Physical distancing.

We have the enormous ground here which will be used for all types of activities. The school has ample space for vehicle parking. Students can be dropped directly at our entrance.

Thus VELAVAN VIDYALAYA has put tremendous effort in incorporating all that is necessary for the holistic development of our students MAKE THE RIGHT BEGINNING


Our Facilities

Spacious Classrooms

Smart Classes

Personalized Approach to Teaching and Learning

Experienced & Training Teachers

Huge Library

Well Equipped Labs

Enormous Ground

Transportation Facility

Nutritious Mid Day Meals

Ample Space for Parking